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Yellow pointAcceptance of Terms :

These terms and conditions constitute a contract between the Internet user and Linkoscope SAS. By surfing Linkoscope's website you automatically accept and respect the statements made in these terms. When registering at Linkoscope.com, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted to comply with the terms and conditions stated here and to be bound by them.  If you do not agree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, you must not register at  Linkoscope.com. If you are under 18 years old, you acknowledge having  parental/legal guardian/trustee consent. The terms « we », « us » or any mention of Linkoscope.com refer to the Linkoscope SAS company as the owner of this website.

Yellow pointDescription :

We built Linkoscope.com to provide Internet users with a classified website to bring together people to learn language. Individuals or business users can seek or propose services in this field (See Our services for Individuals and Our Services for Professionals). When you register on this website, you become a member. After registering for free, you can browse or publish your ads using the different options as mentioned during the process. The company will not become involved in any deals negotiated between members. You are solely responsible for the risks of dealing with members acting under false pretenses and for ensuring that your interaction with other members is lawful (methods and payment)

Yellow pointRegistration : 

Registration is free. You must complete the Registration form to access Our Services for Individuals or  Our Services for Professionals. Services might be free or not depending on different options as mentioned during the process. During the registration process, you agree to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself in this form (i.e no false identities which may mislead other members). You also agree to update such information as soon as it changes. Information you enter in the registration form and any further modifications are moderated. If any information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we reserve the right to terminate your membership, subscription and/or your use of the Site and/or remove your full or partial access to our services without any compensation or advance notification. When you register, you also warrant that you have all your civil rights and that you are in keeping with criminal, civil, commercial and others laws and rules and that you had no convictions which could forbid you to access to our services. If you do not respect the conditions set forth herein, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership without compensation or notice and to deny you access to all or any part of our services without prejudice of different actions, criminal or contractual, which you could dispose of in the future. We reserve the right to deny any user access to all or any part of the website, unilaterally and without notice. A unique number is assigned to every member registration and this number is given individually. Subscribed services are personal and bound to the registration number. You must not share your registration number, username or password with anyone else.
In the event that you act negligently or willfully, you will be responsible for how the login information is used, whether or not authorized by you. In the event you become aware of or unauthorized disclosure of the Login information, or suspect any breach of security for other members, you must immediately notify us.  We reserve the right to suspend any subscription without repayment or payment of compensation and to take legal action if we suspect an abuse of a member number or a fraud (by checking number and source of access).

Yellow pointPosting  : 

Posted ads are moderated by an administrator. However, by posting an ad on the website, you agree :
•    not to publish obscene, sexually explicit or racially offensive content
•    to give accurate and complete information
•    not to give Linkoscope.com or its members information that might be used against you if published
•    to edit or delete an ad if it is no longer valid
•    to update every given information as soon as possible
•    to warrant that you have all necessary licenses, rights and permissions which are required to use and publish your pictures, photos or images.
You are not allowed to overload the website in any way. Linkoscope.com reserves the right to delete or remove ad if deemed offensive, inappropriate for the site or unlawful without any compensation to you.

Yellow pointBrowsing ads: 

If you browse ads, you acknowledge that content has been edited by advertisers, you assume sole responsibility and risks for your use of ads, you acknowledge that ads reflect our ideas or opinions in no way, you are responsible for all charges or disputes arising from using ads and you must be careful in interacting with other members by verifying all posted information such as identity or position. Linkoscope.com declines all responsibility regarding the content of posted ads on the website and does not guarantee their accuracy,  reliability or people's position and products, services or information that you have read, bought, got or received from them.

Yellow pointService fees and payment terms :

Depending on which option (Our Services for Individuals et Our services for Professionals)  you have subscribed during the process , a service fee may be charged by Linkoscope.com to grant you access to ads browser and/or contact details. You can pay in euros. Fees are explicitly disclosed during any subscription process. They can be modified at any time without notice by posting new updated fees. As services can be used as soon as your payment is accepted, we will not consider any refund. Payment is made through “Blue card” or Visa credit card. When you use a credit card to pay for a service, its number is directly sent to our partner bank (BCMNE-CIC). As the Payment page is directly managed by our bank, Linkoscope.com does not know your credit card number at any time. Therefore, Linkoscope.com can not be held responsible for any use or frauds with the credit card information you have sent. A printable invoice is generated in the member area as soon as payment is made.

Yellow pointInteracting :

You agree not to overload the system in any manner, not to spam every users in order to harm the website, not to establish directly or indirectly a network exploiting members' data from the website. Linkoscope.com declines responsibility for replies processing via Linkoscope.com services, notably delays, errors or malfunctioning.

Yellow pointLinks to third-party websites : 

We provide links to websites maintained by third parties. However, we do not control in any respect these websites and under no circumstances are we liable for any damages in connection with the information, content or use of such Third Party Sites. We shall take no responsibility for having links to third-party websites.

Yellow pointIntellectual property and reproduction rights :

The website and all content, including all texts, images, animated images, graphics, data, applications are copyrighted. You may only display content from this website for personal and private use, provided that you are the only legitimate user, excluding all public display or diffusion. Transfer to another site or to any other medium, reproduction, representation, partial or complete, in any manner,  are strictly forbidden.

Yellow pointWebsite Modifications :

Linkoscope.com reserves the right to modify or suspend at any time all or part of the website and declines responsibility hereby.

Yellow pointApplicable law :

These terms of use above are governed by the laws of France and all disputes arising from or relating to them shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French Courts. They are the complete agreement between Linkoscope.com and its members. Another message or any document from members which may contradict any clause can not be opposed to Linkoscope.com. If any clause of the present terms of use happens to be considered null or irrelevant, it shall be regarded as having no standing and will not invalidate the other clauses.

You agree not to overload the system in any manner, not to spam every users in order to harm the website, not to establish directly or indirectly a network exploiting members' data from the website. Linkoscope.com declines responsibility for replies processing via Linkoscope.com services, notably delays, errors or malfunctioning.

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